Water Mitigation - Moisture Blocking Solutions

As well as our surface protection expertise, we also provide innovative, cost-effective water mitigation and moisture blocking services.
Whilst there are a number of individual approaches to water ingress control, most of these address specific leaks, rather than general moisture issues.
Using the right system over the effected area can prevent on-going cycles of corrective work and disruption. The right moisture blocking system will reduce the overall permeability of the surface and fill fine cracks. It will transform areas from their 'damp to wet' condition to dry and stable.

The moisture blocking method is a means of stopping a focus of water to specific extraction points, if this is required. Moisture blockers are water-based cystallising materials designed to permanently block moisture and water vapour in otherwise permeable construction materials such as concrete, limestone, sandstone, bricks, cement mortar, lime mortar, render and plaster. 

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