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Product: Graffiti Magic

Graffiti Magic is a single pack clear mix solution which when applied to surfaces allows the safe and rapid removal of all forms of graffiti without the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

Graffiti Magic is different to other anti-graffiti coatings in that protected surfaces are able to be cleaned with just soap and water, eliminating the need for hazardous chemical cleaners.

Graffiti Magic is a clear UV resistant anti graffiti coating available in a Matt or Gloss finish.

Community Clean are the approved applicator for this product so contact us now to request your free of charge site survey and quotation. When applied by Community Clean this product comes with a 25 YEAR WARRANTY.

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Case study

Graffiti Magic is used throughout Birmingham to protect hot-spot areas. VIEW CASE STUDY

Graffiti Magic can be applied to vulnerable exterior surfaces including concrete, brick, stone, render, timber, metal, cladding and most sound previously painted surfaces. As Graffiti Magic preserves the substrate in the condition in which it is treated, cleaning and/or re-decoration must take place before treatment.


Community Clean & Graffiti Magic

Working in partnership with Graffiti Magic

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