GRIPES - Graffiti Wipes

You know the problem - graffiti, sometimes offensive, appears overnight! Usually you would call in a contractor to remove it but instead consider GRIPES for minor graffiti problems on signs/tiles/laminates.

Any of your staff can now safely, easily and confidently attempt removal. GRIPES will successfully remove 90% of all types of graffiti from non-porous surfaces, including perspex/plexiglass! Benefits to you include, considerable savings on removal, control over response time and a sense of pride and achievement in your staff for a job well done. GRIPES are easy and safe to handle, stored in their own dispenser ensuring maximum shelf life. They do not contain any harmful or hazardous chemicals and are completely bio-degradable.

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Other Graffiti Removal Products:

Name Description Packaging
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A remover suited to sensitive surfaces such as plastics, vinyl, perspex and some painted surfaces. 1 ltr
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A mild remover, specifically for non-porous surfaces. 1 ltr
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Fast acting, solvent free remover for porous surfaces such as tiles and painted surfaces i.e. powder coated. 1 ltr
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Thickened version of AA-700. Suitable for porous surfaces. 5 ltr
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All purpose fast acting remover for porous surfaces such as brick, concrete and natural stone. 5 ltr
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A fast acting remover formulated to deal with bitumen and oil based paint such as car body under sealers. 5 ltr
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A gel based, non-hazardous remover for both porous and non-porous surfaces. 5 ltr

Rapid Strip

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Commercial remover for all paint types, urethanes and coatings. 25 ltr
Ghost Remover
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Brilliant for removing the final residue and shadowing of graffiti. 5 ltr
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Graffiti wipes - impregnated wipes, ideal for frontline staff dealing with minor graffiti problems on signs/tiles/laminates, etc. Tub (40 towels per tub)
Pocket Gripes
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Our fantastic Gripes are now available in a handy pocket sized container. 18 towels per tub. Box (12 tubs per box)
Graffiti Response Kit
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An easy to carry graffiti removal response kit. Ideal for tackling general day to day graffiti. Kit

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