Best Practise Graffiti Removal

The hot topic under discussion by the ATCM (Association of Town Centre Managers) is currently about the best practise for the fast removal of unsightly graffiti. Typically, the stronger the solvent, the faster it will dissolve or remove paint. In some cases stronger solvents may require more safety consideration or personal protection. A graffiti remover solvent or cleaner that is poorly matched to a particular construction material may leave aesthetically unappealing results.

To keep things simple, safe and efficient  for front line staff, Community Clean recommends Gripes and Graffiti Response Kits.

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Graffiti wipes - impregnated wipes, ideal for frontline staff dealing with minor graffiti problems on signs/tiles/laminates, etc. 40 towels per tub. Usually £14.99 NOW only £8.99 per tub
Pocket Gripes
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Our fantastic Gripes are now available in a handy pocket sized container. 18 towels per tub, 12 tubs per box. Usually £39.99 NOW only £27.00 per box
Graffiti Response Kit
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An easy to carry graffiti removal response kit. Ideal for tackling general day to day graffiti. Usually £59.99 NOW only £48.99 per kit


For more information on our products, please download our product range sheet and price list. For further advice or to make an order, please call us on 0845 685 0133 or email

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Gripes - Graffiti Wipes

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