Greener, cleaner and brighter system to rid town centre of old chewing gum

An innovative new system is being used by Bracknell Forest Borough Council for chewing gum removal in Bracknell town centre.

The new technology uses steam to destroy old gum, while a combination of high temperature and a vegetable-based cleaning solution kills bacteria and neutralises odours. A surface washer then removes stains and cleans the pavement. The work is being carried out by MDRC using the Miraclean system.

Previous attempts to clear chewing gum used high pressure water jets, which can damage the block paving in the town centre and cause the surface to become unstable. Additionally, the large amounts of water used was not environmentally friendly and it required the removed chewing gum to be swept up.

Work using the new machine is due to be completed by the end of March, areas where chewing gum is more commonly found – for example outside fast food restaurants – will have a surface treatment applied which will make future chewing gum removal easier.

Cllr Iain McCracken, Executive Member for Leisure and Corporate Services, said: “The Council works hard to maintain Bracknell Forest as a pleasant place which can be enjoyed by both residents and visitors.

"Chewing gum on pavements is a national problem which is an unhygienic stain on society. I hope the effort made to clear our town centre from gum encourages people to throw it in a bin, rather on the ground."


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