Industrial Painting Services

Community Clean have provided cost-effective industrial painting services for many years now and deliver high quality and reliable results for our clients.
Our catalogue of experience is continuously growing with no project too big. Many of the large scale commercial painting projects we have completed over recent years include:
  • Stadiums
  • Bridges
  • Rail infrastructure assets
  • Highway infrastructure assets
  • Subways
  • Warehouses
  • Housing blocks
  • Street furniture
  • Railings
  • Much more!
Community Clean only use quality products that we are continuously researching and innovating to ensure that our clients are receiving the best that the industry and technology advancements can offer.
We also have a resident artist for the more detailed painting work such as plaques or shields.

External Painting Services All Year Round

Our scaffold encapsulation service allows us to create a fully controlled environment for painting projects, all year round. So no more waiting for the warmer months - we get on with it, whatever the weather.
With normal paint systems only being able to cure (dry) in warmer conditions, hence why many industrial painting projects tend to take place throughout summer months, our specialist moisture cure paint system is the answer.
With the ability to cure even within temperatures down to -10 degrees C and humidity levels of up to 99%, this system has been used as a Highways Authority agreed departure of standard on specific projects where critical time restrictions applied.
This innovative paint system allows us to continue our service even throughout the winter months whilst still providing the exact same longevity and effects of normal paint systems.

Fire Resistant Intumescent Paint Systems

Innovations in fire protective paint systems have come along in leaps and bounds over more recent years and as always, Community Clean are at the forefront.
Allowing emergency services ample time to arrive before major damage can take place, our impressive intumescent paint systems can be the difference between protecting your assets or costly catastrophes.

ICATS Trained & Qualified Painting Contractors

As with a lot of the services we offer, we always ensure that our extensive team of Operatives are all fully trained and qualified for the job at hand and our painting services are no exception.
Industrial Coatings Applicators Training Scheme (ICATS) is a comprehensive structured training scheme for the registration, training and certification of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives.
The ICATS is mandated by The Highways Agency in NHSS19A and Network Rail for all applicators. ICATS is also a requirement for many other major structure owners such as Oil Companies, Power Generators and Infrastructure Owners.
Call us today for more information on any of our painting services and how we can help you to meet your deadlines all year around!


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