Container Refurbishment

Community Clean has over 15 years industry experience providing a complete container maintenance and refurbishment service.

On site container refurbishment is a cost and time effective alternative to sending the containers away for a factory refurbishment that can often take several weeks. Having a refurbishment area set up on site will ensure that the containers are maintained to a high standard and reduce stock issues dramatically.

This set up has been working successfully for the London Borough of Enfield for over 7 years.

Using this facility, we are able to refurbish metal Euro containers from 660 to 1280 litre.

The Process

  • Fully repair the body of the container by straightening and welding as required.
  • Prepare body and paint with high build container paint (colour to your specification).
  • Replacement parts where required - all parts fitted are EN840 standard.
  • Application of decal sets.
  • Finished containers will be in fully working order, including wheels, brakes, lid, locks, etc.

The Benefits

  • High quality container stock would always be available.
  • Stock control is more manageable and flexible.
  • No delays with deliveries.
  • A more cost efficient container refurbishment solution.
  • Managed by a team with extensive experience in container repair and refurbishment services.

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