Black Top Tarmac Refurbishment

As well as our cleaning and coating expertise, we also provide a refurbishment service for tarmaced areas. This innovative and cost effective service gives new life to old, faded tarmac, making it look new again.

A single application refurbisher for tarmac and asphalt.

The benefits

This product is a bitumen based surface dressing that dries to a black finish with a low sheen. It can even cover up difficult to remove chewing gum to give a complete, uniform finish.

  • Upgrades drab, grey, stained asphalt
  • Extends the life of asphalt surfaces
  • Provides an 'as new' appearance
  • Avoids disruptive & costly resurfacing
  • Hides ingrained dust from building work etc
  • Dramatically improves the appearance

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Black Top

Black Top


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