Wembley Stadium

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The challenge

To source, test and apply the best anti-graffiti coating to protect the new national stadium.

What did we do

Over a period of 2 years we attended the factory in Brigg (Yorkshire) who manufactured the exterior reconstituted stone pre-cast panels for the stadium. We applied our suggested anti-graffiti coating to various test panels to allow the engineers & architects to see how it looked in-situ. They then applied graffiti for us to remove to prove how quick & efficient the coating made the removal of any future graffiti attack. Our coating was compared to numerous others and was chosen for its aesthetical qualities and cost effectiveness. We then applied the coating to the specified areas of the stadium over a 12-month period, completing the work within budget & timescale.

The outcome

The new stadium now has over 25,000 m2 of reconstituted stone pre-cast panels & split faced block work protected and we have secured the ongoing maintenance contract to deal with any graffiti attacks before & after any events at the stadium.

"I have been working with Community Clean for over 12 months on the graffiti removal contract set up to ensure that the Stadium remains graffiti free. After being impressed with Community Clean's high level of service, contract management and commitment to maintaining our high standards, additional ad-hoc work has been completed.

Recently, Community Clean applied an innovative impregnation treatment to the player's tunnel, designed to repel all staining and general grime. The famous Bobby Moore Statue has been cleaned and treated with a high performance anti-graffiti system that will ensure it remains graffiti and grime free for all to enjoy.

The Stadium, as well as being an international icon, is at the heart of our on going commitment to the local community and it is vital we maintain and maximize the positive outlook it has created.

Community Clean work with us to help achieve this vision and I would highly recommend them as an excellent service provider."

John Andersen
Cleaning Services Manager
Wembley National Stadium Ltd

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