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The challenge

Falling under the remit of the London Highways Alliance (LoHAC) contract, CVU (TfL Central) contacted us regarding two disused stairwell subway entrances that adjoin to the main subway network beneath Park Lane.
These gated and locked stairwells are located on the grassy central reservation area of Park Lane and had excessive leaf litter, flooding and waste that required specialist handling and disposal.

What did we do

Two rooms at the base of the first stairwell had been broken into, vandalised and flooded.
Our team used pump equipment to remove the excess water so that sweeping, specialist waste removal and the hot water manual hand wash could then take place.
With electrical sockets present within the rooms, jet washing is usually preferred but not a suitable option in this instance.
All stairwells and adjoining rooms were then cleaned with a heavy duty, multipurpose degreaser containing alkalis, water conditioning agents, inhibitors, surfactants and water miscible solvents, leaving the area with a pleasant, citrus fragrance.
After cleaning, the areas were also sprayed with specialist odour control concentrate which is highly fragranced and specially formulated to combat the organisms as opposed to simply masking them.
The concentrate is ideal for use in public areas, bin rooms/chambers, washrooms and drains. It is used to control the disease organisms associated with pigeons and other pest birds and will kill those bacteria, fungi, protozoa, the Rickettsiales and other viral organisms associated with diseases transferred by pest birds to humans and animals.
All waste was correctly disposed of via a licensed specialist waste management company.

The outcome 

Dean Matthews from CVU who made the order with us said:
"Thank you for your services down at Park Lane. I have never seen it looking so fresh! I have another job requiring your expertise, please can we arrange a meeting to discuss works."
Dean Matthews
Horticultural Supervisor
Tony Wilcock, our Business Development Executive who oversaw the project said:

"Although both of the subway entrances and associated rooms were gated and locked, the waste and leaf litter were in public view which was of great concern to our client, and to us! Our team did a great job of effectively disposing of the hazardous waste and eradicating unpleasant odours safely and quickly."

Tony Wilcock
Business Relationship Executive
Community Clean

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