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Restoring surfaces to their former glory every time!

Whether it is a rusting bridge structure, moulding brickwork, layers of paint or grimy tiling, the Microstrip System can wipe away years of decay, whatever the surface. 

Surface versatility

A key feature of the Microstrip System is its ability to perfectly adapt, depending on the surface and the environment in which it's being used.
Whether it's a more abrasive requirement, such as steel work preparation, or a more gentle restoration, such as brickwork or white glazed tiling; we can match the perfect media in combination with the right pressure level, to completely eradicate the surface contminants with ease.
Painted surfaces 
Tiling restoration 
Highway & Rail infrastructure restoration 
Crazed & flaking paint removal 
Stone or concrete structures, statues & monuments 
Paving & tarmac surface restoration

Internal & External use

The versatility continues, as the Microstrip System can also be used in both internal and external conditions.
As with any pressurised media restoration techniques, expelled media, dust and waste can be a messy process, particularly hazardous in an internal environment.
The are two effective methods that effectively combat this with the Microstrip System: vacuum recovery and water shielding.
Vacuum recovery uses an enclosed head attachment which vacuums the expelled media and waste direct from the substrate whilst the system is in use. Whereas the water shield creates a water spray around the nozzle as it is in use that dampens the surrounding air and effectively supressing dust.

Environmentally Friendly

The multi-faceted Microstrip System uses a variety of non-toxic, silica free, fine mineral abrasives dependant on the surface and desired outcome. 
With over 15 years of surface specialist experience, we offer this impressive service across many sectors for a variety of projects.
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