King's Cross Station - Concourse restoration

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The challenge

Project completed: April 2014
With an estimated annual footfall of over 47 million, it is no wonder that the King’s Cross station concourse became worn, dull and in desperate need of restoration and protection.
Where several other contractors previously failed, the Station Manager swiftly awarded us with the project after noticing some of our quality work at another nearby site.

What did we do

Avoiding commuter disruption was key during this project, so our Link-Up approved technicians had extremely restricted engineering hours to abide by.
The entire concourse of King’s Cross station measured a total of 8,500m2 which included the arrivals and departure courts, toilets, restaurant and retail areas.
In order to maximise the efficiency of restricted time windows, our technicians used the Aquila water recovery system to deep clean each area. This system recovers and recycles water through a 4 part filtration system; not only is this eco-friendly, it prevents the station floor from flooding and disrupting the commuters and station retailers alike.
Each section was systematically cleaned and dried, ready to then receive the water-based protective coating. The process of cleaning and drying the surface first allows the coating to penetrate the substrate of the granite fully, ensuring maximum absorption thus longer lasting protection.
Once fully protected, the coating creates a barrier that prevents staining of the surface, making it much easier to clean and maintain to a high standard. A 6 year guarantee accompanies this service followed up by annual durability tests.

The outcome

The project was a huge success with the granite concourse immaculately restored back to its former glory. Our Project Development Manager revisited the site and demonstrated the vast improvement that our work has made to standard cleaning practices.

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John Andersen - Project Development Manager


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