Finchley Road Underground Station

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The challenge

The station had an old anti-graffiti coating that had discoloured and started peeling. Tube lines wanted this old coating to be removed and the brickwork cleaned using the most environmentally friendly method, whilst working within the short night shifts available on the underground (3 hrs). Once cleaned a new, innovative anti-graffiti impregnation was to be applied.

What did we do

We carried out tests with 3 different removers that would effectively remove the old coating in the time frame given; one was chosen due to its effectiveness. This remover was applied to the old coating and allowed to dwell for approximately 1 hour before being washed off using an enclosed pressure washer head with a vac take off to recover all the water and the emulsified old coating. The recovered water and chemical sludge were separated, PH values taken and disposed of safely. Once the brickwork had been cleaned the new anti-graffiti impregnation was applied.

The outcome

All the areas were cleaned, to a high standard, in a safe and environmentally friendly way within the timescale allowed. The walls are now protected with an advanced anti-graffiti impregnation that is permanent, has not changed the appearance of the brickwork, will not discolour over time and will allow any future graffiti attacks to be removed quickly and easily.

"As always with London Underground contracts the working times and conditions are a challenge. We only had a 3 hour working window each night and had to contend with a number of other trades for space and access. We tested three methods for removing the old anti-graffiti coating and agreed the most efficient and environmentally friendly with the client. The contract took 8 weeks and at times was extremely frustrating, but the end result exceeded the client's expectations. It always gives me and my teams a sense of satisfaction to see the dramatic results on projects like this."

Andy House,
Contracts Manager,
Community Clean

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