Charing Cross Station - Intumescent painting & pest control

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The challenge

Network Rail recognised the need for maximum fire protection to the large steel and cement columns that support the connecting buildings and air handling plant for Charing Cross station.
Along with some other pest control and industrial painting aspects for this project, Spence were responsible for the management of this project and selected Community Clean to take the reigns.

What we can do

Our ICATS trained specialists selected the correct intumescent paint system that would meet the 60-minute fire protection specification as outlined by Network Rail. This was then applied to all of the steel column support structure of the building along with the air handling plant.
The existing fireproof system on the cement columns had become worn with large areas having crumbled away. The team got to work making cementitious repairs throughout with the use of various MEWPs for the high access areas.
Relentless roosting from nuisance pigeons had caused an unacceptable health hazard from large amounts of guano. Our specialist Pest Control team installed both a netting and spike system throughout the structural beams, putting the problem to an immediate end. 
Other works carried out for this project included: 
•    Application of industrial paint system to building shiplap cladding
•    Repainting of entry door, gates and railings
•    Specialist pigeon guano removal

The outcome

The project was a great success, completed on time and to budget. The main structural beams and columns are not only fully protected from further pigeon roosting, but also fully protected against fire and what could cause a costly catastrophe for the station.




Charing Cross Station

Intumescent painting application


Darren Bullock - Head of Operations


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