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The challenge

Birmingham City Council operates a complete Graffiti Strategy and Community Clean assist by providing graffiti removal services and the application of anti-graffiti coatings.

What did we do

We provide a service that helps Birmingham City Council respond quickly and efficiently to graffiti attacks of any size. Our fully trained teams can dealwith any type of graffiti, on any surface and in any location. Height access challenges are our speciality so the council never needs to worry about any
access issues. One of our Surveyors attends each site to carry out detailed surveys for
every job. We ensure that all aspects have been checked so when our teams
arrive on site they are fully briefed and prepared with the best product and equipment. Everything is taken care of in advance to enable the council to
prioritise the work to suit their requirements.
We have also supplied a number of our 'Graffiti Response Kits' to the council for distribution amongst their street wardens so that small scale attacks can
be dealt with immediately.

The outcome

Community Clean takes the hassle factor away from Birmingham City Council by offering a flexible, cost efficient, one-stop-shop for products and services.

"Community Clean have proven to be a reliable, adaptable and friendly service provider. They respond
quickly and efficiently to our requests and the work they do is always of a high standard. The before
and after photos, documented job records and fixed pricing schedules all help keep the work running
smoothly. The feedback on the Graffiti Response Kits has also been very positive.
I would highly recommend Community Clean and have no doubt that they are an invaluable service


Russell Thompson

Environmental Crime Unit Manager
Birmingham City Council     

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