Welcoming the Warm Weather

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The sun is here and we’re hoping it’s here to stay! With the sun comes happiness, outside projects and tans - the perfect combination right? The sun can also bring dehydration, sunburn and skin damage. Our HSEQ Manager, Clare, talks about the importance of covering up and looking after yourself during the Summer season. So here is our seasonal Team Up For Safety (or just ‘TUFS’ as we call it) campaign! 

Be prepared for the heat!

Working in our industry comes with a lot of sun exposure. For the most part, this is great, but there is also a lot of significant side effects that comes with working directly underneath the sun, including:
Sun burn 
Fever & chills 
Dizziness & headaches
Eye damage 
These are things that can not only effect your standard of work but also your long term health. Skin cancer and skin damage is caused by too much sun exposure, something that is so common yet so easily prevented.
To ensure you are taking the right measures, here are some of Clare’s top tips:
Sun cream: You will need at least SPF 30 due to the amount of sun exposure you are having. Employers may provide this for you but if not all shops have them – so there is no excuse! 
Seek shade: If this isn’t possible with the work that you are carrying out, it could be an idea to invest in a cap or a neck cover to achieve this shade. It might be worth asking if this could be part of your PPE.
Wear protective equipment: Sun glasses, these protect your eyes from getting lasting sun damage and are a necessity when out in the sun for a long period of time. Additionally, they prevent you from squinting which leads to headaches and migraines. 
Water: This is important on any day, however, when in the sun for a long period of time drinking water is essential. It keeps you hydrated, reducing the risk of sun stroke. 
Enjoy the sunshine and make the most of it, but enjoy it safely!
Our Operatives having fun in the sun!

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