Rail Safety Week 2019

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'Railway Safety Week' is here and we want to share our knowledge and safety tips with you. It's important to remember safety is always paramount, not just during Rail Safety Week! 

Safety statistics

In 2008, 8,497 members of the rail workforce in the UK, were left injured whilst working on site, this has dropped to 6,661 in 2018. The importance of workforce safety has been highlighted in recent years, with more laws and regulations in place to ensure that our workers are safe and protected from injuries.
Key risks when working trackside:
  • Unexpected train arrival
  • Electrocution
  • Trips and falls
  • Hearing damages
  • Sight damage

Let's stay safe!

Here are some tips from our HSEQ Manager Clare, on how to stay safe when working trackside:
  • Wearing the correct PPE: It is so important that the correct PPE is worn. This includes the correct footwear to prevent trips and falls, ear defenders to prevent hearing damage and protective glasses to protect your eyes. The railway is like any other work site, yet much more dangerous and unpredictable, these things are important and must be worn.
  • Ensuring all site checks have been done: Site checks/surveys should be done prior to works starting anyway, however trackside it is so important that all workers are aware of any electrics that are on or have been temporarily turned off. It is also important that the person in charge of checking the sites have turned the necessary electrics off.
  • Safe positioning: When working trackside, if you do not need to be on the track then remove yourself from it and stay a safe distance away from the works that are going on.

Our Business Executive, Project Manager & Director ensuring all is in check on site. 


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Our Project Manager Kevin showing us how PPE should be worn.

A recent site photo, working on the Brighton Mainline Project...

Our ICATS painting teams getting to work!