CIF Construction Safety Week 2019

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The importance & focus on health & safety in the workplace has increased hugely over the last few years. There are automatic correlations with the words 'health & safety' that come to mind, these correlations are often restricted to general site behaviour, however there is a much bigger meaning behind it with a much more important meaning.

Where 'CIF' come in...

Construction Industrial Federation (CIF) want to ensure that all of the above points are addressed but also to consider the mental health of the workers as a priority. Whilst CIF is based in Ireland, everyone within the construction industry should listen to what is being taught this week. 
The five areas that the CIF are looking into are: 
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing in Construction
  • Working Safely with Electricity
  • Working Safely at Height
  • Vehicle Risk & Safety in Lifting Operations
  • Working Safely with Hazardous Substances

Where We, 'CC', come in...

Our HSEQ Manager, Clare Branch, is passionate about ensuring all of the above are considered as priorities within the operating of Community Clean. Here’s what Clare has to say: 
‘Health & Safety is an integral part of Community Clean and we continually strive to create a positive Health & Safety culture within the company and what better than Construction Safety Week to promote our commitment to the campaign?
Good efficient procedures and practices not only provides a safe working environment its the “buy in” from all employees at all levels ensures these become part of our daily routine.
This is one of the reasons why we set up our Health & Safety campaign “Team Up for Safety”, it was not only to recognise the daily hazards we are all faced with but what we can all do to prevent these hazards becoming a reality. 
Not only will this improve morale within the company, increase productivity, but more importantly our team return safely home EVERY day.’

Our family values

Being a family run business, one of our main focuses is employee wellbeing. We ensure that we have down time & regular appraisals, which give our employees the opportunity to talk how they are feeling. We are also introducing more team building activity days to reduce the pressure that is felt at work. 
Within the construction industry, we lose 10 people a week to suicide, with 8 out of 10 of them being male. Between 2008 & 2012, 1,039 male suicides came from the construction or production industry background. These statistics alone show how crucially important awareness & support is. 
Our Project Manager, Kevin Crabb, feels strongly about the importance of awareness around all aspects of health & safety in the workplace:
“Family matter, colleagues matter, you matter! We all have a voice so lets be heard, stay safe, stay aware and stand together, health and safety matters “ 

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