Pavement Cleaning & Chewing Gum Removal

Keeping public areas clean is essential for making that first good impression.  Community Clean takes pride in restoring pedestrian precincts, pedestrian footways, car parks, retail parks, supermarket areas and any other surface that needs  deep cleaning. 

Our teams work safely and efficiently to remove general grime, chewing gum and deep staining - restoring the areas to their original condition; on average we clean over 300,000 m2 per year.


Our entire team takes great pride in achieving excellent results and maintaining high standards.

Community Clean have been providing a pavement deep cleaning and chewing gum removal service for over 10 years. Our teams are fully trained and equipped to deliver these services to a very high standard. Our detailed reporting processes, quality checks and communication procedures ensure that we are providing our clients with all the information they require. All of these aspects enable our clients to have the confidence to trust in our service delivery.

Our operatives are trained and accredited to meet industry standards to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees and those whom they affect.

A full schedule of works will be produced for your approval, starting dates and estimated times of operation. For the majority of our pavement cleaning projects we propose that all completed work reports are provided by our team on a weekly basis and daily progress updates can also be provided to ensure everyone is fully informed.

Method statements and Risk assessments are available upon request for all works involved and will be provided for approval prior to works commencing.

References and testimonials are available upon request.

The Facts - Did you know?

  • There are an estimated 20 million chewers in the UK
  • Over 935 million packs of chewing gum are sold each year
  • It costs 3p per stick to buy and 10p to prise off the streets
  • The average cost to clean up gum from a town centre is £20k
  • The chewing gum market is currently valued at £322 million
  • Encams promote Magic Cote as best practice
  • An Encams Local Environmental Quality Survey of England 2003, showed that the issue of people dropping gum affects 67% of all areas
  • Chewing gum is now classed as litter

"As part of Community Clean's comprehensive services, we can also organise open days, mail shots, PR and advertising in partnership with our clients to help keep the public fully informed."  Sharon Parker - Sales & Marketing Manager

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Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal

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