Refuse Chute Cleaning

Refuse chutes can present a health hazard and become a major cause of unpleasant odours in residential tower blocks. The refuse chutes can prove difficult to clean effectively, resulting in the build-up of offensive odours and bacteria. Our Community Clean teams use a highly effective system to internally clean, deodorise and sanitise refuse chutes from top to bottom, as well as the hopper heads and bin chambers. This process ensures that all offensive smells and bacteria are totally eliminated, dramatically improving the quality of life in the surrounding environment.

The benefits

  • A fast & efficient chute cleaning service
  • Flexible service visits to suit you
  • Professional, high quality service
  • Specialist cleaning services
  • Happy residents
  • Health benefits
  • Reduced fire risk from grease build up
  • Reduced risk of vermin infestation
  • Improvement of surrounding environment

The total solution

Community Clean can offer the total solution to keep the chutes clean and fresh. The cleaning process removes insects, micro-organisms and reduces the amount of vermin attracted to the chutes and chambers. All areas cleaned are treated with a deodoriser and left free of detritus.

Our teams ensure that the bin chambers are steam cleaned and sanitised and the chute equipment cleaned and maintained. The entire chute is cleaned, including the removal and cleaning of the hopper head doors on each and every floor, our attention to detail is second to none. Our specialist teams are equipped with the most advanced industrial cleaning equipment and are extensively trained in a variety of industrial cleaning services.

Our service is flexible and tailored to suit you. We understand that not all our services may be required simultaneously so we are able to adapt the frequency and content of our visits to match your needs.  A free of charge site survey can be carried out to establish your exact requirements.

As with all Community Clean services, we take care of all the health & safety requirements, method statements and risk assessments as needed. We only use biodegradable detergents, degreasers and deodorizers.


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