Approved DOFF System Contractor

As the leading heritage approved cleaning method in the industry today, the DOFF System combines powerful pressure and superheated water to create unbeatable deep cleaning; eradicating dirt and eliminating biomatter. Whilst remaining sympathetic and gentle to the underlying substrate, the high temperature kills spores and fungus meaning maximum cleaning with no need for harmful chemicals or biocides.

Ultimate Heritage Cleaning Solution

Key benefits:
  • NO chemicals or biocides needed
  • ZERO damage to underlying substrate
  • Steam temperature up to 150°c
  • Multipurpose cleaning for varying surfaces
  • Kills spores & bio-matter
  • Effective paint removal
  • Quick drying
  • ISO
Community Clean are a Stonehealth approved DOFF contractor.

Chemical DOFF Clean

For more stubborn staining that requires that extra punch, we recommend a chemically enhanced DOFF deep clean.
The use of a specialist cleaning agent in combination with the pressurised, superheated steam from the DOFF makes short work of deep-set staining. 
Quick process, exceptional results:
  1. The surface is pre-wet with clean water
  2. Specialist agent applied (low compression sprayer, roller or brush)
  3. Agent activates immediately, only requiring 3-5 minutes dwell time
  4. Treated area rinsed with the DOFF system for an outstanding result
This extremely effective method is not suitable for all substrates and we highly recommend speaking with one of our experts for guidance.
All technical data information can be supplied upon request.


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