DSS & Community Clean join forces

Defense Safety Systems (DSS) are a US based global company specialising in protective polyurea coatings. Their polyurea systems are requested all over the world for their industry gold standard properties, including:
  • Corrosion & erosion resistant
  • Sealant
  • Structural integrity enhancement
  • Blast protection
DSS offer the ultimate and very latest innovations in the polyurea arena; with application spanning anything from industrial purposes, such as for ports and bridges, to defense purposes including marine vessels and aircrafts.


Guided by our core values and the immense P.R.I.D.E we take in offering our clients only the very latest developments the market has to offer, it’s no surprise that our paths crossed earlier this year in February 2016.
After just a few meetings, it quickly became clear that our mutual passion for innovation and dedication to delivering excellence in the industry, was not to be ignored; thus the DSS/Community Clean partnership was formed.

Indestructible plans in the polyurea coated pipeline...

Our trusted expertise in the UK market along with our wealth of coating application experience made it an easy decision for DSS to partner with us as their approved applicator in the UK. 
Similarly, the unbeatable properties of the DSS polyurea systems are heavily utilised in sectors that we are certainly looking to expand within. 
With some exciting opportunities already in the pipeline, our unstoppable joint venture is ready to deliver some real long-term, creative and cost saving solutions to the UK industry.