Graffiti Removers & Surface Cleaners

Here you will find a full list of our products which are designed to remove graffiti. All the ingredients we use in our products are biodegradable, non-hazardous and sourced only from manufacturers who comply with our environmental policy.

We can provide training on a wide range of graffiti removers, Graffiti Response Kits and equipment to enable employees in your organisation to respond instantly should graffiti problems occur.

A graffiti remover product that is poorly matched to a particular surface may leave aesthetically unappealing results. That's why it is vital to obtain professional recommendations or training.

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Name Description Packaging
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A graffiti remover suited to sensitive surfaces such as plastics, vinyl, perspex and some painted surfaces. 1 ltr
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A mild graffiti remover, specifically for non-porous surfaces. 1 ltr
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Fast acting graffiti remover, solvent free remover for porous surfaces such as tiles and painted surfaces i.e. powder coated. 1 ltr
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Thickened version of AA-700. Suitable for porous surfaces. 5 ltr
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A fast acting graffiti remover formulated to deal with bitumen and oil based paint such as car body under sealers. 5 ltr
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A gel based, non-hazardous graffiti remover for both porous and non-porous surfaces. 5 ltr
Ghost Remover
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Brilliant for removing the final residue and shadowing of graffiti. 5 ltr
Graffiti Response Kit
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An easy to carry graffiti removal response kit. Ideal for tackling general day to day graffiti. Read more. Kit

BC 40

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A concentrated bactericidal deodoriser formulated to clean and eradicate mal-odours at source. 5 or 25 ltr

Mighty Blue

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A heavy duty multipurpose degreaser, formulated to remove the heaviest soiling including oil, grease, dirt & tobacco stains from a variety of different surfaces. 5 or 25 ltr

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For more information on our products, please download our product range sheet and price list. For further advice or to make an order, please call us on 0845 685 0133 or email


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